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It is a fact that there have been many changes in the law in the last few years and particularly with regard to mediation in the fields of family law, employment law and many other aspects of civil disputes. Whether you are experiencing family breakdown or find yourself in a dispute with your employer or some other civil dispute, mediation is a widely recognised and a judicially approved method of resolving those disputes without the need for expensive litigation. Mediation will resolve these disputes in an impartial constructive way, without apportioning fault and without incurring large legal bills or the risk of arriving at an outcome that you did not expect or want.

Online mediation is particularly suitable for those people who have internet access:

  1. But who don’t live close to the other person involved
  2. Cant get to a mediator as a result of location or disability
  3. Prefer the convenience of online mediation in the same way as you may use online banking
  4. May feel unsafe with the other person with whom they need to mediate
  5. Want to save time and money
  6. Find it difficult to attend a mediator as a result of workplace or child care commitments
  7. Wish to mediate at a time convenient to you, evening and weekend appointments are possible

Until recently you would have no option but to physically attend your mediator. With the use of online technology you can visually engage with your mediator and the other person with whom you mediate without the need to leave your home or office. This can be achieved with the use of your computer, laptop, tablet or even smart phone. Simply download your preferred method of communication such as skype and you can mediate online.

We can mediate:

  1. Disputes between co-habitants following relationship breakdown particularly children and property matters.
  2. Employment or work place claims. The costs savings can be large not only in terms of legal fees and court fees but the time and energy involved. Employment Tribunal cases can be avoided.
  3. Contractual disputes involving goods or services that you have purchased from others including professional service providers.
  4. Disputes arising from Wills such as probate and inheritance claims.
  5. Property disputes including boundary disputes.

For further details of how we can help call the office on or email us here. In all cases the fees will be discussed and agreed at the outset.

For small claims of £5000.00 or less fees per party will be £200.00 and the duration of the mediation session in the region of 2 hours. If the value of your claim is between £5000.00 and £20,000.00 fees per party will be £300.00 and the duration of the session around 3 hours. Disputes involving larger sums of money or those cases in which it is difficult to place a value on the claim, such as employment matters, individual fees will be discussed and agreed at the outset. Please call us to discuss your requirements without obligation.